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Used Car Batteries — Car Removals in Albury, NSW

Prompt car removals in Albury

Do you have an old car that you’d like to get rid of, but aren’t sure how? Or maybe you need a spare part for an older vehicle that isn’t widely available anymore. At Twin City Auto Dismantlers, we provide car removal services, used and new parts and scrap metal products.

We have affordable prices and expert knowledge, so we can provide you with guidance in finding the parts you need for your vehicle.
Car Lights — Car Removals in Albury, NSW


We dismantle vehicles for parts. This allows us to offer used and new parts for a variety of cars and trucks. Find spare parts and accessories for older vehicles ranging back to 1990 models. Our team is highly knowledgeable about ... Read more
Wrecked Cars — Car Removals in Albury, NSW

Car Removals

If you have an old car sitting in your yard or garage, give us a call. We’ll come and pick up your old vehicle and we’ll even make you a money offer on the spot. So it doesn’t matter what the condition of your vehicle is, we will take it off your hands for parts or scrap metal.
Scrap Metals — Car Removals in Albury, NSW

Scrap Metal

We not only offer new and used car parts and accessories, but we also offer a range of scrap metal products. These include, batteries, radiators, alloy wheels and copper tubing or wires.


We will also buy your Catalytic Converter to use for scrap metal. Catalytic Converters are an exhaust release control device that decreases toxic gases from the exhaust in an engine and changes it to less toxic chemicals by catalysing a redox effect.